Hello world!

I am so excited to welcome all those individuals out there who can use this site as a place of respite from the world of infertility.   I am a life coach, but I am also among the ranks of those who are experiencing the challenges of infertility.  The biggest challenge besides having a baby, from personal experience, has been about trying to create a balance in my day to day life where the process of making a baby (through all the avenues we try) without it taking over my life.  Wow, it has been difficult, but I have discovered some wonderful ways to do that, and to not let ‘infertility’ or ‘having a baby’ define who I am!   I am looking forward to sharing information and tips about this really complex and personal subject.  I hope that I can make someone else’s journey easier.   As a coach I am in a unique position to really address some of the obstacles that effect us to achieve that balance we strive for.   So keep your blog ‘eyes’ open and watch this space….. And I welcome all your comments and contributions!   in love and light,  Louise  the KeysotoClarity! Coach

The status of this blog

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