Holistic Telesummit!

Hi Everybody!

I have exciting news!  I am participating in a Holistic Telesummit, hosted by Lisa Rodriguez.  There will be lots of information on health, wellness, vitality, self-care, alternative treatments etc.  I will be presenting too!  Look out for ‘Creating Balance while Conceiving Life’ – where I will discuss from a coach’s perspective, how we can support ourselves while going through the journey of conceiving through traditional, and ‘non-traditional’  means in a way that will create balance, and serenity while going through a possibly stressful process.  I will share three keys to this topic:  Emotional, Spiritual and Physical support!   So that individuals going through the fertility process, will have a great platform to work from, and increase their chance of success!

Come back to this page in a day or so, to get an update on the link for the this exciting event!

Warm regards, Louise

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