I just turned 40! My Fertility Journey.

I have just turned 40!  I don’t feel it.  It seems a little surreal.  What I have realised for myself, which I would like to share with you, is that ’40’ is just a label!   How I feel, and how my body has aged, is really what counts!  How we treat our bodies right now is what makes all the difference.   I do however have high FSH and I will be curious to see what the difference will now be,and  how I will be treated now that I have reach this next ‘barrier’.    I am doing a lot of things differently than when I first started the fertility journey.   Right now I am ona  course of Ayurvedic herbs, prescribed by an Ayurvedic Physician and Pulse Reader from India, called Dr Pankaj Naram.  He has treated the Dalai Lama!  Interestingly he is of the opinion that often it is the men that need the attention from an infertility standpoint, and so my husband is also on a whole load of herbs too.  I am open to new and natural wonders, and Dr Nuram truly has a gift, that has helped a number of infertile couples.   He was intuitively able to tell that I was a Life Coach just by touching my wrist, knowing that helping people is my priority! Reading a person’s pulse literally takes a minute or two, so he is therefore able to see 100’s of people everyday, and certainly doesn’t have time to do research on his patients (for you skeptics out there!)  He is the real McCoy!

So now I am doing the herbs, the juicing (going to get better at doing that every day), taking cell food in my water, checking my ph balance every morning, and drinking my Body Balance everyday (amazing stuff! – haven’t been sick for a year and a half!).   Once I get back from Spain at the end of the month, I will start my gentle exercise regime of walking 4 times a week, and swimming a couple of times a week.   Keep me accountable folks!   I lost 30lbs since last July, and so it should give me a better chance at success with the IVF I will probably undertake in October or November.    We will also see a specialist in NY, who has a slightly different approach, so I will be curious to hear what he has to say.  Been highly recommended so I will keep you informed.    Our previous endocrinologist feels he has done all he can for us, so now we are looking at doing things slightly differently.  Its ok to try someone else, they might have a different approach or perspective to your previous doctor, and now its our turn to go down that road.   We are open!

I am embracing 40!    and just keeping on track!

warming up those embies!

Coach Louise Crooks ~ The KeystoClarity! Coach

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2 thoughts on “I just turned 40! My Fertility Journey.

  1. Dear Louise,

    I just came across your blog and was relieved to know that you are also seeing Dr. Naram. I’ve been seeing him for the last 8 months. I was diagnosed with blocked tubes the beginning of last year and wanted to try traditional medicine instead of going straight to IVF. Do you personally know anyone who underwent Naram’s treatment and succeeded in getting pregnant? I am also curious to know about the specialist in NY that you are planning to see?

    Thank you for your time and this blog. Your help is very much appreciated.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I have been seeing Dr Naram for almost the last year. I think he does great work, but I can’t vouch for his success with infertility issues. He has said that he has had much success with treatment of couples with infertility. I decided to do the treatment with him, because I generally wanted to improve my general health and work from a solid platform to support my body to get pregnant, and if the herbs happened to contribute to the possibility even better! I am not sure that he is going to be able to resolve the blocked tubes issue for you, but who knows, amazing things do happen. If your general fertility is not in question except for the blocked tubes, it might be an easier path to take by going straight to IVF – your possibility of success could be really high. I respect your wanting to go down the more natural route but I am concerned for you in this situation, because those natural routes may not help you to circumvent or solve the blocked tube issue, and it could save you time and heart ache going the other route. As you know from both my blogs I am a big supporter of integrative medicine and alternative treatments, its great to support your body as much as you can naturally, but sometimes modern science combined with alternative treatments can also be successful option. So I have offered you a different perspective – you will intuitively know what you want to do.

      I must get you the name /number of the guy in NYC. I think I am heading straight to Weill Cornell now (this will be my 4th IVF) but he could be a very good option for you too. Its good to get a second opinon from a professional endocrinologist who has your wellbeing at heart.

      I see you have been on your journey for a little while, have you considered joining the telecircle that is starting soon? I would love to have you as part of the group. Its a great way to talk to women who are going through similar issues and at the same time proactively work on a path that will work for you.

      Warmly yours,
      Coach Louise

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