Can the path to parenthood be more joyful?



I asked myself this, when I changed the heading to this blog….. I think it’s the journey and outcome of a string of experiences, that can be joyful. Even if there might not be a ‘biological’ baby at the end of it… Just knowing where you are headed with certainty can bring joy! On an uncertain journey such as this, where emotions peak and trough continuously, the path of creation can be a joyous one! Managing the pain and suffering that the experiences can bring, bring forth a different you, one with more compassion, understanding, and wisdom, as well as hope, faith, and peace. Of course it does depend on how you view this journey, and what you intend to get out of it, besides the obvious. As a coach, I am able to soften the corners when you get to the hairpin bends in the road. I am the collaborator, the mother, the mentor, the assistant architect, the catalyst, the guide – someone you can depend on to be there, and to be what you need me to be. That can create a joyful journey through the maze of deliberation, and waiting. Yet, as I say this, I know fully well, the emotional upheaval this journey brings… I know some of the pitfalls, and I know I can shine a light on some of those and catch them at the pass. My journey is ongoing…. my thoughts are on the possibility of donor egg, but hope is still alive, my flame is still burning, I am not ready to concede. What will be will be.


Coach Louise

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2 thoughts on “Can the path to parenthood be more joyful?

  1. Hi WAME

    Thank you for your message. It is heartening to know that I can offer solace to those in a similar situation to me. It is wonderful to hear how you have grown personally through your own experience, even though the experience itself can be such a tumultuous one! I suspect that you are pretty courageous yourself! And to come out with your attitude is encouraging for others to know that they can choose how they want to see their experience!

    Coach Louise

  2. I think you may be right in finding the upside of infertility. While it is not a road that I would EVER want to travel again, in some ways this journey has made me very humble. Its tought me to respect life for what it is, never to take it for granted, and above all to be grateful that you can be a part of other’s lives too. You’re very courageous and I commend you for thinking so positively. Keep it up. PS I’ve been reading up on previous blogs of yours and I find your kind words for helpful. Thanks.

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