Hi All,

I am at the start of my vacation – staying in UK with family, and then going onto Spain to meet more family and friends, and meet my goddaughter (20mths) for the first time.  She is so cute, I can’t wait.  About to get a real dose of living with a grumpy toddler for a bit. Might make me think twice about desperately wanting my own baby!  One can only hope!  Well, I am sure in saying that I will absolutely adore the experience, and be even more determined!

In the meanwhile, unfortunately my hubbie Clive isn’t able to join me on this trip as he is with his Dad who is having heart bypass surgery today.  I was very disappointed initially but what can you do!  |Its understandable that he wants to be there for his dad!  Sending positive vibrations to Charles!

I will be back in the blogging driving seat on the Labor Day weekend!  And I intend to embrace my time away, so I have fun, and get to enjoy the company of my dear friends and family that I only get to see every couple of years.  I was struggling with the frustration of not being able to get on with things because of all the trips (not all for fun) we’ve been taking this summer.  I have decided its not worth getting caught up in that emotion, because it certainly isn’t going to serve me (or anyone else for that matter.)   I intend to sun myself and enjoy!



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