Louise’ Journey – Philosophical thoughts…

I wrote this on someone’s blog today, and thought well, this would be a great post on my own blog….

Coach Louise

Coach Louise

In answer to Sharon’s blog – about her inspiring message and determination….

It is something I realised through my journey is that infertility or having a baby doesn’t define who I am.  Letting go of the outcome of a successful IVF/IUI treatment was one of the hardest lessons – but once the realisation came, it was one of relief.  I realised I wasn’t the one in control –  ( determination-here I come) that giving that totally over to whomever, God, the Universe, Grace – and just letting what will be, be.  That took me a while, and of course is something I do have to remind myself of.   My miscarriage was heartbreaking.  But I have allowed myself to grieve, and not know why…   I have subsequently learned about the possibility that we choose to come to earth having decided which lessons we need to learn, and that my baby came purely for that few weeks for a reason.  What is my learning….still working on that one… but it gives me more compassion, understanding and love for those who walk in my shoes – part of the reason why I now coach women on this journey….  Sterkte (strength for non South Africans) , to you Sharon, you are an inspiration.  We are all whole, beautiful and loved, and how we show up in life – we certainly have a choice in that – is all that matters.

with love and conviction,
Coach Louise Crooks

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2 thoughts on “Louise’ Journey – Philosophical thoughts…

  1. Thanks again for the comment Louise. Infertility is really tough, finding balance and realizing that my infertility was only one tiny part of who I am as a whole has really set me free to find joy in my life again. Its also raised some other interesting questions in my mind as well, ones I’m enjoying finding the answers for.

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