Louise’s Journey: Struggling to keep on track!

I am feeling a bit flat at the moment.  I know in my heart what I need to do….get cracking on making arrangements with the next IVF…. find a doctor that I like…  fetch my old notes from my previous doctor… start exercising regularly (yes, gently, I know…) , start my acupuncture treatments….  And get excited and motivated…bbblllaaah  well, I suppose in some ways just knowing generally what to expect is perhaps putting me off too.   I am also having to remind DB about the things he keeps committing to do for this, and then slacks off…..  hmmmm  We both really want do it, but don’t if you know what I mean…

Maybe I’m just coming down from getting back from Spain and seeing family and friends.  We are so far away from everyone here.   And Clive has just got back from spending time with his Dad who just had bypass surgery – so he is also a little deflated right now.  All went well!     But here we are, both quite depleted.   Funny, when I actually gave a great show all about replenishing energy on my radio show earlier this week.  Life is perfect sometimes…..

Well I think I will give myself permission to cocoon over the weekend, read a few books, and have a laze – while Hurricane Hannah hits us with the tail end of its path up the East Coast of the US – it will be a good excuse to cozy up, and have some me time.  Yes, thats what I need,  a little me time.   I have had too much time being around people 24/7!  I get it now.

Hope you are all taking care of yourselves….!   😉

needing a pep up,


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PS  Yes, coaches are also human!

2 thoughts on “Louise’s Journey: Struggling to keep on track!

  1. I definitely think that knowing what to expect from an IVF, especially the emotional side of it makes it harder to committ to going back. I know I’ve been avoiding my RE for months for that very reason!

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