In Celebration of my 40th!


I felt inspired by another post I read yesterday….so here goes…       



Here are 40 things I would like to share about me.



My Dad and I had the closest relationship a girl could wish for

My Mom and I fought like cat and dog,

She died 3 years ago, – but after I had learned the power of forgiveness.

My Mom and I had the closest relationship an adult of 32 could wish for.

Thank goodness I came to my senses.

I have MoreToLife, my friend Richard- and me – to thank for that.


I grew up in a place that was free, lush,and green – but free only to whitie me

I didn’t realize that until I left South Africa, and learnt about equality.

I feel priviledged to now be part of a country that is growing up – quickly

That has taken responsibility for its mistakes – if only some other countries could imitate that!

There was one black girl who went to school with me, in a sea of white faces – Marlie – I wonder what happened to her.  A huge success somewhere I’m sure.


I grew up in a valley next to a nature reserve, in a family of 4. 

My brother Peter, and I would roam the countryside on foot or bikes,

Without a care in the world – except for the war taking place in our home.

We would walk up the road, and find chameleons, wild tortoise, and hoot at the monkeys.

My brother was the snake go-to-guy even at age 14. My, how times have changed.


I had a pet hen called Henny Penny, she was glossy and black, at 7,

My best Christmas present ever was when I was 12 – Santa brought me 2 kitty cats!

My babies then – Sambo and Minty.   My babies now –  Scalliwag and Growl tiger…

My DH and I we love them so… they keep us entertained and warm the cockles of our hearts….    Incubating the space for a real baby to come…. If it ever comes.


Yes DH and I are a statistic – part of the 1 in 6 couples that can’t conceive, or don’t seem to be able get to the end result anyway.   We lost one along the way.

Hard to believe –  I never expected it to happen to me. 

Life’s like that  – full of surprises, not always good ones…

I learned something about myself though – that I am strong, resilient, and found my sense of compassion  – I also found my calling.


What is it you ask…?  I have the ability to bolster others on their road of discomfort – a gift you might call it from my own painful experience.  Weird how life works out like that.

Marketing also gives me a kick so I hook up with those doing worthy things in this world to help them succeed.

My Dad always knew I would succeed.  He always believed in me, and always told me I could do anything.  Because of that I have always believed that too.  Only the definition of success has changed for me.


My DH showed me a way to be, that I had not known before,

He brought out the best in me – showed me unconditional love, and compassion,  that I did not need to give him something in return – there was no tit for tat

My other role models were both my aunts – Heather and Hilary – both very special in their own way – and they led the way,  I really thank them for that.


I am strong, loving, challenging, enquiring, peaceful, crazy – some say eccentric, amazing, beautiful, optimistic, adventurous, willing to take a leap – a sum of all of the above.


Well if that is 40 somethings then great, if not, its probably enough.  I am me. 



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