Exciting News! Interviewing Marina Lombardo!

A miracle!

A miracle!

Hi Everybody!

I am so excited and grateful that my radio show is growing from strength to strength!   Yesterday I had a conversation with Marina Lombardo, author of ‘ I am more than my infertility’, and she has agreed to be interviewed on my show!   The book she co-authored with Linda Parker, is one of the best fertility books I have read – particularly from a coaching and life/balance perspective.  So if you haven’t bought it already – do yourselves a favour!!   I am sure that Marina is going to have some very interesting stories and titbits to share, so do keep an eye out for the date for this show which is still to TBA.  I will let you know as soon as I do, but I hoping the show will be in October.  It will also be an opportunity to ask her any questions during the show, so think carefully about a question you might want to ask her.

warmly yours,

Coach Louise Crooks

The status of this blog

Marina has a blog on wordpress, so check it out.

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