Titbits about Caffeine & Heat, with Men’s Fertility

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well, and coping with whatever stage of your journey you are at!   I know some of you are in waiting to find out if you have embryos for transfer – hang in there!

I was listening to a show this morning where a male fertility specialist was talking about a couple of things that I thought were interesting.

In fact when men or their partners, feel that the men should cut down on their caffeine intake to impregnate their partners or through IVF,  they couldn’t be more wrong!  Caffeine is a stimulant, and therefore has an effect on the sperm’s motility – that is..how fast they swim!  I have heard that some specialists will even add caffeine powder to the sperm before fertilisation in a lab for this reason.  Interesting hey!?  Now that doesn’t necessarily mean men should become coffee addicts!  Everything in moderation.

Also it takes about 3 months for the sperm to be ready to be ejaculated.  The male (as does the female) has an influence on the quality of his sperm.  Heat is not a good idea and can definitely can effect the quality of the sperm.  So no hot baths, jacuzzis or steam rooms or saunas in the 3 month lead up to conception!

Abstaining before ovulation for 3 days is also recommended, so that there will be enough mature sperm available to take the necessary action of reaching the egg, and being able to fertilise it.

Well there are some titbits for you!

So besides my radio show on fertility which focuses on life balance and information for the fertility journey – Dawn Davenport has a show which often gives great information from various experts too.  Check her out on Blog Talk Radio.

making your journey easier and more joyful!

Coach Louise Crooks

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