The Shift – A movie addressing whats really happening in the world right now!

we can all make a difference, even a tiny one...

we can all make a difference, even a tiny one…

Dear Friends –

This is an exciting time on our planet.  We have a chance to live ‘where the rubber meets the road’ and be the pioneers of a new global civilization based on consciousness, harmony, social justice and sustainability.  We might be focusing on the detail going on in our lives – fertility issues, financial issues etc, but lets stand back and look at the bigger picture for a couple of minutes.

Below is a link to a trailer for a movie being created by some powerful ‘movers and shakers’ like you and me who are paving this path of global transformation with love, energy and enthusiasm.

Enjoy the clip and if you’re inclined, add your energy and inspiration – the specific difference you have come here to make – as live out our finest intent and fulfill the promise of an evolutionary journey in human consciousness.

We’ve all come here, now, quite purposefully.  It is our time.

lovingly yours,

Coach Louise

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