House – made me cry!

I just watched House, and watched Cutty have to accept that the girl who’s baby she was going to adopt, decided to keep the baby.  I just howled.   It brought up so much emotion for me.  This when I realiseI am still grieving through this process – it really is a back and forth thing.   It made me think of the baby I lost, that would be 1 yr old come Thanksgiving, and that of course set me off again.  Its weird because I haven’t really felt that sad in a fairly long time.  Must have been waiting to jump out at just the right moment.   Poor DH didn’t quite know what to do with me.  Anyway I got out of bed, to cry a little bit more, and do some distracting activities like this.  It helps to write it down and share it with you.  And DH has gone to bed cuddling the cat, after offering to cuddle me.   I thought it best to do something else, otherwise I would have eyes like Quasimodo in the morning.  Not pretty.

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