Enviromental Poison targets gene leading to unexplained infertility.


Hi ladies,

I thought this was quite interesting for those of you who have been diagnosed with  ‘unexplained infertility’.   UCSF has had some wonderful research break throughs in the last year, and one them was in the field of Endocrinology or infertility.  Here’s an excerpt of the article which talks about this topic.  I hope you find it helpful….
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UCSF scientists were the first to identify the full effect of a commonly used weed killer, atrazine, on human cells. They reported that the herbicide alters hormone signaling, increasing the activity of a gene associated with abnormal human birthweight. Atrazine, they reported, also targets a gene that is amplified in the uteruses of women with unexplained infertility.


To read about other break throughs you can go to this link for further information  http://pub.ucsf.edu/today/cache/news/200812301.html

One thought on “Enviromental Poison targets gene leading to unexplained infertility.

  1. I don’t know where to post this but I have had success with acupuncture and herbs. I have one wonderful 5 year-old but since, have suffered two miscarriages as well as the stress and cost of countless infertility treatments (for unexplained infertility). My infertility specialist advised me to seek Eastern medicin. She said that it worked – but they do not know why. Understanding Chinese medicine has been fascinating. They treat the underlying cause of health problems so you see benefits in many areas. After 4 months of acupuncture and herbs, I got pregnant. I am also missing a fallopian tube on one side so my odds of getting pregant are 50% less than normal. From tests that my Chinese Doctor did, she said that I was conceiving but the embryos were not implanting – this is consistant with my genetic condition (MTHFR). I am now 13 weeks pregnant and everything looks “perfect”. Another benefit that I noticed from acupuncture and herbs is that almost immediately, an irritating scalp condition that I’ve had disappeared. I had been seeking treatment for this from dermatologists for 15 years with little relief. Parts of my system were definitely out of whack and my Chinese doctor found the root of it! I will be forever grateful to her!

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