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Dear blog reader,

Coach Louise began this blog with the intention that it be a place to share stories, ask questions, get support in a safe place of understanding and compassion, as well as a source for information on the topic of infertility, miscarriage, treatments etc. I am so excited to be taking over the administration of the blog and continuing on the mission of supporting you on your unique fertility journey. If you’d like to know more about me and what I offer, please click About Julie or visit Whole Vision Coaching. I’m so glad you’re here. Most importantly, I really want you to understand that you are not alone and this part of your adventure does not define who you are.

Having experienced the frustrations of unexplained infertility personally, I recognize that the experience can be isolating when the people around you don’t necessarily understand what you are going through. It is also often the first crisis couples come up against where there is really no control over the outcome. I want to connect with you and give you as much support as possible to lead a life full of joy and balance no matter the outcome of your pursuit of parenthood. I can also help to guide you and propose different alternatives that you might not have considered yet from a purely objective point of view.

Ultimately, I can offer you a space like a comfy sofa that you can fall into to feel comforted and reassured and so much more while on this unexpectedly challenging journey.

With love,
Coach Julie

Letting Go…

Part of our experience when we go through the infertility experience is a process of ‘letting go’. When we get to grips with knowing that we are not in control of the outcome of these processes we go through, we start to let go… and allow… This was a huge lesson for me, and in my life in general.

The energy of ease this creates can only be advantageous to our experience what ever is we’re dealing with. Whatever the outcome we can’t control that. We can take charge and responsibility for the way we treat our bodies, and nurture our emotional wellbeing, but that is all. The rest is left up to the journey that is there for us, and perhaps was before we even came into being. Yes, something to think about. Everything we do and experience is a culmination of the human being we choose to be through our experiences good and bad, and if we choose it to be a force for good, then everything we experience has a gift in it somewhere.

In the spirit of ‘letting go’ I will no longer be posting on this blog. My journey on the road of fertility is at an end, and I am focusing on giving birth to other amazing things in my life. For all of you going down this tumultuous road, my plea to you, is to research all the alternatives to laying a solid and healthy foundation for your body, and mind, before you seek out medical intervention. If you’re already in the process of IUI’s or IVF’s, take out the time to be nurturing and kind to your body – treat it as a temple, and make sure you’re doing all you can to support yourself naturally and with alternative methods of support. And I wish for you success and fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

If you would like to see what I am now up to, go to Feel free to contact me through that website if you desire.

Coach Louise x

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Get a Taste of Gratitude!

I thought this was a fun video to share with you all.  Its important for us to keep remembering what is good in our lives, when we can be so wrapped up in the negative aspects of the fertility journey!  Watch and smile….  Coach Louise

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Tips for the New Year to Cleanse, Detox and Bring Vitality to your Body!

welcoming health and vitality!

welcoming health and vitality!

I mentioned yesterday that I joined a teleclass 8 day cleanse yesterday that I wrote about, that I think will be very supportive physically and emotionally. Its not too late for you to join either, its free, and they have recordings of all the calls if the time difference is an issue! I highly recommend it because there is so much value in the calls.

The host Skip Lackey from mentioned a drink that you can easily make up, that is very supportive to the body and helpful with detoxing.

and you gradually add the ingredients over days….

In the morning when you get up take:

a glass of water (room temp)
plus fresh squeeze of lemon juice,
plus pinch of mineral or sea salt (NOT your normal table salt),
plus pinch of cayenne pepper,
plus pinch of grated ginger,
and B grade maple syrup or a little honey if you like a little bit of sweet.
(and mix it all up)

The other tip which is an easy one, is just increase your water intake during the day as we are all generally dehydrated to some degree or other – this will help to give your body what it needs and flush out toxins. If you can don’t drink anything from 30min before a meal or during a meal and for at least 40mins after a meal, so your digestive juices aren’t diluted – digestion becomes a lot more effective.

To your health and fertility success for 2009!

Coach Louise

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Hi all,

I have been gathering testamonials as I know how important they are for anyone who is looking to work with someone!  You will find the site has been updated with a few, and more will be added soon.  It really does warm the cockles of my heart to know that I have been able to add value to such special people and their lives.


with my credibility in tact!

Coach Louise Crooks

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The Virtual Holistic Health Summit!

The focus of this “virtual” summit is education by providing high quality content on a variety of topics pertaining to lifestyle, health, nutrition and wellness.  There is a ton of information out there – on the internet, in magazines, on the television. Some of it good, some of it bad, and most of it confusing. We are hoping to offer a convenient way for you to learn about a variety of interesting, yet different topics. The goal is “total body” wellness. Our hope is through this “summit” and the information provided you will be able to:
Make wellness-oriented lifestyle choices

Become an active participant in your health decisions and healing process
Each topic will be presented on a different day and time via teleconference format.  You will have the ability to either dial-into each presenter’s specific call, or listen to the call via the internet. When you register, these details will be provided to you via e-mail. Reminder e-mails will be sent before each and every call. You will also have the ability to submit questions to be answered by each speaker, either after their presentation, or via e-mail. These details will appear in the teleconference e-mail you will receive upon registering. Please come to our website and register for this FREE series of calls  (cut and paste in browser if need)

My specific presentation will be on ‘Creating Balance while Conceiving Life’  I hope to ‘see’ you there.

in health, peace and prosperity

Louise Crooks

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The ‘Perfect Patient’… Tip No. 2

Hello again!  On this cold day in New Jersey, I come to you with the second tip!

 (from Resolve’s Family Building Magazine)

The perfect patient asks questions about the treatment regimen, follows instructions carefully and is an active participant in the decision-making process. Questions about a procedure might include: ‘Why does this test need to be timed in this manner? Does this test cause any pain, discomfort or complications? What are the benefits of this treatment over others? If this treatment is not successful, what’s the long-range plan?’

Answers to these questions, or to anything you don’t fully understand, should be very clear before undergoing tests or treatments. This knowledge will make it easier to accurately follow directions and instructions, a crucial aspect of treatment. Take notes or ask for literature on any tests or treatments you are considering. Some patients tape-record important conversations with their doctors, particularly if their partner cannot attend the appointment. Ask about the clinic’s policy on phone calls about lab results, returning phone calls and after-hours emergencies.

You need to become informed about all your treatment options, including their risks, benefits and ‘success’ rates. Your physician can give you information, but don’t expect your physician to make treatment decisions for you.  Ultimately , these important decisions are for you (and your partner) to make.  You can also do research on treatments via the Internet and books and journals, or by talking twith professionals and friends and getting second opinions.

These are all important points to take into consideration.  As a coach my request to you when interacting with your doctor is being open to his information and taking that away with you to then make a response rather than having an instant reaction –  this stuff is always very emotional, so give yourself time to absorb everything,  give yourself the space to let the answers come to you, and have an awareness that your doctor is just a human being and is not a mindreader.     Have a wonderful couple of days until our next tip…    with health, in body mind and spirit, Louise x

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The ‘ Perfect Patient’ Intro. and Tip No. 1

I am aware through my own processes with IVF etc that sometimes we don’t know how to interact with our clinic and reproductive endocrinologist to ensure that we are doing all we can to make the experience the best that it can be for all concerned – afterall we are all in it for the same outcome!   A little bundle of joy!  So we want to know how to be the ‘perfect patient’ .  RESOLVE (an organisation I am a big fan of) is the National Infertility Organisation and is not-for-profit. They support people like us throughout the USA and I highly recommend registering on their site and getting their info and support too.  However I will be sharing a lot of their info and articles here too, and this is one of them, written by Sharon N, Covington MSW and Linda Hammer Burns, PhD written for ‘Family Building’ Fall 2007.  At this point I would like to add, that of course there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ patient (we want to lessen the stress, not add to it!), we are only perfect in being the best we can be in any situation, and that it the choice we have in what we strive to do!

Tip No. 1

The perfect patient communicates honestly, openly, directly and calmly with the physician and other caregivers.    The begins by abandoning the concept that the doctor has special god-like powers. communications should flow natureally and without reservation or intimidation. Patients often have difficulty stating problems or doing so in a clam manner. It’s fine to bring aides to your appointments such as a written list of issues or questions you wish to address. Focus on clearly stating the problem or complaint, your position and what you consider a satisfactory resolution of a problem (e.g. an apology or a different way of handling the problem in the future.  

Looking forward to sharing the Tip No. 2 with you soon!  Louise x

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Hello world!

I am so excited to welcome all those individuals out there who can use this site as a place of respite from the world of infertility.   I am a life coach, but I am also among the ranks of those who are experiencing the challenges of infertility.  The biggest challenge besides having a baby, from personal experience, has been about trying to create a balance in my day to day life where the process of making a baby (through all the avenues we try) without it taking over my life.  Wow, it has been difficult, but I have discovered some wonderful ways to do that, and to not let ‘infertility’ or ‘having a baby’ define who I am!   I am looking forward to sharing information and tips about this really complex and personal subject.  I hope that I can make someone else’s journey easier.   As a coach I am in a unique position to really address some of the obstacles that effect us to achieve that balance we strive for.   So keep your blog ‘eyes’ open and watch this space….. And I welcome all your comments and contributions!   in love and light,  Louise  the KeysotoClarity! Coach

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