Coach Louise and Coach Julie

Dear blog reader,

Coach Louise began this blog with the intention that it be a place to share stories, ask questions, get support in a safe place of understanding and compassion, as well as a source for information on the topic of infertility, miscarriage, treatments etc. I am so excited to be taking over the administration of the blog and continuing on the mission of supporting you on your unique fertility journey. If you’d like to know more about me and what I offer, please click About Julie or visit Whole Vision Coaching. I’m so glad you’re here. Most importantly, I really want you to understand that you are not alone and this part of your adventure does not define who you are.

Having experienced the frustrations of unexplained infertility personally, I recognize that the experience can be isolating when the people around you don’t necessarily understand what you are going through. It is also often the first crisis couples come up against where there is really no control over the outcome. I want to connect with you and give you as much support as possible to lead a life full of joy and balance no matter the outcome of your pursuit of parenthood. I can also help to guide you and propose different alternatives that you might not have considered yet from a purely objective point of view.

Ultimately, I can offer you a space like a comfy sofa that you can fall into to feel comforted and reassured and so much more while on this unexpectedly challenging journey.

With love,
Coach Julie

The Shift – A movie addressing whats really happening in the world right now!

we can all make a difference, even a tiny one...

we can all make a difference, even a tiny one…

Dear Friends –

This is an exciting time on our planet.  We have a chance to live ‘where the rubber meets the road’ and be the pioneers of a new global civilization based on consciousness, harmony, social justice and sustainability.  We might be focusing on the detail going on in our lives – fertility issues, financial issues etc, but lets stand back and look at the bigger picture for a couple of minutes.

Below is a link to a trailer for a movie being created by some powerful ‘movers and shakers’ like you and me who are paving this path of global transformation with love, energy and enthusiasm.

Enjoy the clip and if you’re inclined, add your energy and inspiration – the specific difference you have come here to make – as live out our finest intent and fulfill the promise of an evolutionary journey in human consciousness.

We’ve all come here, now, quite purposefully.  It is our time.

lovingly yours,

Coach Louise

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