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Louise’s Journey

I have  started juicing! Its great – I love it.  It makes me feel alive!   I am working on ‘completions’ or ‘deletions’ at the moment –  getting little projects done, or finishing off things that have been waiting half finished!  Its a very freeing feeling, and creates more space and energy to allow new things to come into my life!   I started playing some tennis with Clive (hubbie) which I love!  I am not very good at it, but just doing something fun, takes the ‘exercise’ out of it!  and it gets the blood flowing! (very important)   I will also start my ayurvedic herbs this week….I am open on that one, not sure what to expect!    Clive is being very supportive of the process, and is helping by creating a menu of our meals for the week, so we eat well and healthily.  I am very lucky to have a man who loves to cook!      My coaching question this week is:  What can you do to get support around something you are doing that is important to you?    Feel free to comment, it will be great feedback for me, as well as helping others to grow as they read this blog!

Louise x   Have a great week!

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