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Thinking about getting a Coach? mmmm…

Hi Everyone!

Tea and a Chat!

Tea and a Chat!

It occurred to me that some of you are thinking how nice it would be to have a coach to partner with you on your fertility journey.  Being there for you through the rollercoaster of emotions, hormones, and results!   You are truly giving a gift to yourself and the process by taking that step.   Who knows, it could even affect your results!  Why? because you’ll feel calmer (and possibly retain your sanity), more prepared, more informed, and supported!   If you are even thinking about it, just a tinsey insey bit, then I challenge you to get in touch to see if it is indeed the right step to take in YOUR journey.   I am available on Skype, and time zone is not a problem (we’ll make a plan) !   Our initial chat is a free consultation!  You have nothing to lose, and possibly a lot to gain.   It is my passion to partner with women like you, who so often feel- overwhelmed by options, don’t know their options, a little lost or confused or isolated or stressed -going through this process.  I have been there!  What I really want for you is to have the family you have always dreamed of.   Call or email me.  Go on, I dare you. (see my contact page)  We’ll sit down for a virtual cup of tea and a chat.

Cheekily but lovingly yours,

Coach Louise Crooks

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PS  If you mention this blog post,  I will gift you 50% off the 1st 2 sessions if you decide you would like to give it try!

The Virtual Holistic Health Summit!

The focus of this “virtual” summit is education by providing high quality content on a variety of topics pertaining to lifestyle, health, nutrition and wellness.  There is a ton of information out there – on the internet, in magazines, on the television. Some of it good, some of it bad, and most of it confusing. We are hoping to offer a convenient way for you to learn about a variety of interesting, yet different topics. The goal is “total body” wellness. Our hope is through this “summit” and the information provided you will be able to:
Make wellness-oriented lifestyle choices

Become an active participant in your health decisions and healing process
Each topic will be presented on a different day and time via teleconference format.  You will have the ability to either dial-into each presenter’s specific call, or listen to the call via the internet. When you register, these details will be provided to you via e-mail. Reminder e-mails will be sent before each and every call. You will also have the ability to submit questions to be answered by each speaker, either after their presentation, or via e-mail. These details will appear in the teleconference e-mail you will receive upon registering. Please come to our website and register for this FREE series of calls
http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=791297  (cut and paste in browser if need)

My specific presentation will be on ‘Creating Balance while Conceiving Life’  I hope to ‘see’ you there.

in health, peace and prosperity

Louise Crooks


The status of this blog