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Hello to fellow Baby Dancers!

Hi All,

Me hopefully! in 2009

Me hopefully! in 2009

I finally decided that I wanted to wait until next year 2009 to start the IVF treatment. (No 4)  I feel I need the space to focus on the building blocks of creating a baby, by first focusing on me.  Even I had been planning to in the last few months, I haven’t been able to give it my all because of other distractions, like overseas visitors and travel.  So now is the time.  I am really starting now on  general health, eating and exercising.  Both need improvement, although I am not doing too badly on the eating.  I was told that my cholesterol was very high 294 today, which is amazing because my diet is actually pretty good.  Although I believe it is a genetic problem in my family.   We  also need time to do the research so we know who we want to go with – RE -wise, when the time comes in January.  Yes, we will not be wasting any time once the new year hits!    We both have a couple of trips planned in October and November, and it is going to be crazy trying to physically plan an IVF around those.  So our decision has taken the pressure off!  And I do feel better for it.   Now I can devote my time to really focusing on making a nice fuzzy warm landing place for that little embie/s when the time comes.

So who is going to join me in the Fertility Foundation Powercircle?!  Whatever stage of the cycle or treatment you are in, feel free to join, to get the much needed support through this process.  We will make the journey lighter, and perhaps even have a little fun!   I really want that for myself in the upcoming preparation.  What do you want for yourself?       (See the post at the top of the site for info about the Powercircle)


Fellow BDer, Louise

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‘The Fertile Foundation Powercircle’ is born!

Hi to all of you out there!

I am revising this post, after a lot of thought,  having decided how very important it is for women facing infertility challenges to have their own specific group. A group dedicated to the action they are taking and the results they want specifically from a fertility perspective! A safe haven for support, resources, and friendship.So I introduce to you , The Fertile Foundation Powercircle.  The reason why I use the word ‘foundation’ , is because  we, the group, will ensure that all the groundwork is covered, to create a solid ‘foundation’ or process, to create successful results!  We will also be there to catch you if you fall, and if the results you get aren’t what you expected.  We will be there throughout!

What is a powercircle?  It is a small group of ndividuals that meet by phone or in person with the group to create action around their intentions/goals, and to support one another in doing that.

In this particular Powercircle, we will meet once a week by phone as a group. We will check on how you are doing with the goals and intentions you had set at the beginning. Each journey is different and will be honored accordingly.  We will clarify what that is for each of you are at the beginning in some detail.  This can be particularly helpful for those out there who are preparing for a cycle – to keep you on track, or those who are going through treatments, to keep you feeling supported and focused, and to keep you sane!   It really helps to have people supporting and rooting for you. There is also the ‘accountability factor’, knowing that each week we will be checking in with you to see how you are getting on, and holding your feet to the fire if that is what you want!  For example, one of your goals might be to give up coffee which might be a struggle. The group will hold you accountable and support you when you get stuck.  I will also coach anyone who is having difficulty or finding they are blocked in some way to getting where they want to go!  It will be fun, and the results will be tremendous!  This is a great way to experience coaching without the expense!- and an opportunity to meet with people who will support you unconditionally without leaving your house.

What are the benefits?   Working with an intimate group of people, who care about your success. Eliminating isolation.  Sharing ideas and possibilities. Staying on track.  Living day to day with purpose.  Support for those moments where things aren’t going so well.  Celebrating your successes, no matter how small!  The list goes on….

This group will start on Monday evenings from the first week in November 2008 at 6pm weekly.  It will be 1 hour in duration. The group will be no larger than 8.   Once the group is full, due to my commitment to confidentiality and creating a safe space, new members will not be admitted after the 1st 2 weeks, unless expressly requested or agreed upon, by the group.  I am happy to start a new group for new members if needed.  This will be an opportunity to get support and create strategies around managing through the holiday / festive season!

If you are interested, please email me at louise@keystoclarity.com, and we can discuss more details!  I offer a money back guarantee for the 1st month!  You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose!

I encourage you to take this opportunity to love yourself first, so you really can create the life and family that you want!   Don’t forget there are only 8 spaces, so act quickly.  Welcome to the Fertile Foundation Powercircle!

And don’t forget time-zones and geography don’t make any difference anymore.  Call in on Skype!

For anyone who has comments or feedback about this – please post!


Coach Louise

The status of this blog

PS  For anyone interested in the Super-Solopreneur 100 Day Challenge, for small business owners, particularly coaches and holistic practioners, please look on my other blog http://keystoclaritycoach.wordpress.com   for details.