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Hi All,

I am at the start of my vacation – staying in UK with family, and then going onto Spain to meet more family and friends, and meet my goddaughter (20mths) for the first time.  She is so cute, I can’t wait.  About to get a real dose of living with a grumpy toddler for a bit. Might make me think twice about desperately wanting my own baby!  One can only hope!  Well, I am sure in saying that I will absolutely adore the experience, and be even more determined!

In the meanwhile, unfortunately my hubbie Clive isn’t able to join me on this trip as he is with his Dad who is having heart bypass surgery today.  I was very disappointed initially but what can you do!  |Its understandable that he wants to be there for his dad!  Sending positive vibrations to Charles!

I will be back in the blogging driving seat on the Labor Day weekend!  And I intend to embrace my time away, so I have fun, and get to enjoy the company of my dear friends and family that I only get to see every couple of years.  I was struggling with the frustration of not being able to get on with things because of all the trips (not all for fun) we’ve been taking this summer.  I have decided its not worth getting caught up in that emotion, because it certainly isn’t going to serve me (or anyone else for that matter.)   I intend to sun myself and enjoy!



Coaching Louise Crooks

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Can the path to parenthood be more joyful?



I asked myself this, when I changed the heading to this blog….. I think it’s the journey and outcome of a string of experiences, that can be joyful. Even if there might not be a ‘biological’ baby at the end of it… Just knowing where you are headed with certainty can bring joy! On an uncertain journey such as this, where emotions peak and trough continuously, the path of creation can be a joyous one! Managing the pain and suffering that the experiences can bring, bring forth a different you, one with more compassion, understanding, and wisdom, as well as hope, faith, and peace. Of course it does depend on how you view this journey, and what you intend to get out of it, besides the obvious. As a coach, I am able to soften the corners when you get to the hairpin bends in the road. I am the collaborator, the mother, the mentor, the assistant architect, the catalyst, the guide – someone you can depend on to be there, and to be what you need me to be. That can create a joyful journey through the maze of deliberation, and waiting. Yet, as I say this, I know fully well, the emotional upheaval this journey brings… I know some of the pitfalls, and I know I can shine a light on some of those and catch them at the pass. My journey is ongoing…. my thoughts are on the possibility of donor egg, but hope is still alive, my flame is still burning, I am not ready to concede. What will be will be.


Coach Louise

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Tired! Fatigued! Interview with Christine Clifton

Hi Everybody!

Well serendipity strikes!   I was reading through my last post, and surprised myself, when I realised that I had set up the next radio show today, on the very topic I mentioned before – managing energy – with Christine Clifton!  She and I had a wonderful afternoon getting to know one another as fellow coaches, and I asked her if she would like to be interviewed about this particular subject!  Fatigue, and feeling sluggish are symptoms women in fertility treatments face, as well as individuals suffering from chronic conditions or pain, which is the area Christine coaches – so we agreed this would be great topic to discuss on KTC Radio.  The interview will take place at 4pm EST  on the 2nd of September.   Click on the link on the side of the page, to take you there – either to listen live, or to download the archived podcast of the show after that date.  I am sure it will be very interesting and powerful for those in this unique position.  So often we can feel misunderstood and alone because of the isolation these conditions can cause, so knowing there are people like us out there to talk to, who understand  what you are going through can be very helpful.   I would love any comments on this post, and feel free to phone in with questions on the show, or post them here, and I will do my best to address any that come up, on the show!   Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

love, light and ‘energy’


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