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Creating Balance while Conceiving Life

The presentation I did last week at the Virtual Holistic Telesummit went really well.  There was a lot of valuable information packed in to a short space of time, but the audience got a lot from it!  Of course there are wonderful bonuses going out with my package if you decided to get the CDs, these are an in depth consultation as to how coaching might help you on your fertility journey, as well as a Tip Sheet titled:  8 Tips on how to manage your Relationship while going through Fertility Treatments.   The focus of the talk was about preparing yourself for the fertility journey – to create balance and set your self up to de-stress or keep stress-free!  Creating a context for the experience!  The recording will be available on the CD package.

Don’t forget there are lots of different speakers on different health topics, so click on the ‘Virtual Holistic Summit’ under Event, and register so you can get all the info for the free calls!


Coach Louise Crooks

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Holistic Telesummit!

Hi Everybody!

I have exciting news!  I am participating in a Holistic Telesummit, hosted by Lisa Rodriguez.  There will be lots of information on health, wellness, vitality, self-care, alternative treatments etc.  I will be presenting too!  Look out for ‘Creating Balance while Conceiving Life’ – where I will discuss from a coach’s perspective, how we can support ourselves while going through the journey of conceiving through traditional, and ‘non-traditional’  means in a way that will create balance, and serenity while going through a possibly stressful process.  I will share three keys to this topic:  Emotional, Spiritual and Physical support!   So that individuals going through the fertility process, will have a great platform to work from, and increase their chance of success!

Come back to this page in a day or so, to get an update on the link for the this exciting event!

Warm regards, Louise

The status of this blog