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Christine’s Power Circle

My friend Christine Clifton – a coach, coaching individuals with chronic fatigue and pain,  invited me to be her client on her new Power Circle yesterday.  It was an interesting experience, and as the title says Powerful.  Some of you might know that I get cluster headaches or occular migraines, so she was able to coach me on managing my energy.  It was a great reminder that coaches need coaches!  I found it very helpful, and I was glad to help Christine with her first meeting.    i had a shift on the pattern of energy I have created through overstimulation and through experience when having migraines, which has translated to when I don’t!!   Very interesting.   I have now set some action steps to support myself in managing my energy –   to finish working at 5pm, and to read my books in the evening as a relaxing activity.   I can keep working until very late, so this is great.    Managing energy is a great topic for women facing infertility challenges, and going through the IVF treatments etc.   I will use this as a topic for my radio show!  Keep your eyes peeled!  www.blogtalkradio.com/KeystoClarity-coach

Coaching question for today:  What are you doing to manage your energy?

I appreciate your comments and questions!

love, peace and prosperity,

Coach Louise Crooks

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