What Can Fertility Coaching Do For You?

Fertility coaching is becoming more and more popular. I have been helping women escape hopelessness to embrace motherhood through my coaching practice for about a decBlank white book w/pathade.

In my international best-selling book I Still Want To Be a Mom, I share the story of my own fertility journey through struggle to motherhood. I also take readers through considerations, explorations, suggestions, and exercises to support better outcomes. The composite stories from my work with clients illustrate how these approaches work in real-life.

May 2018, it will become available in bookstores and through online booksellers as a printed book. The Kindle version is available now from a variety of international Amazon outlets, including
Amazon.co.uk for £6.42,
Amazon.ca for CDN for $9.99, or
Amazon.com today for $7.99.

Alternatively, you can request a complimentary PDF download at http://julona.com/freebook/

If you’ve ever considered fertility coaching, you might want to explore what’s possible by contacting a skilled coach.

Still not sure? Here’s an article published in the Independent (a popular national news source in the UK) that answers the question ‘Fertility Coaching’: Can It Help Women Conceive?


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