The Power of Forgiving Ourselves. Yes… YOU.

Peace comes from forgiveness.

Peace comes from forgiveness.

When embarking on the infertility journey,  the maze of emotions we move through can be mind-blowing.  Anger, bitterness, resentment are some, as well as the old regulars.. sadness, trepidation, grief, elation, expectation and hope.

I have noticed how many women, have such high expectations of themselves, their bodies, the ability to function ‘as only a woman should’.  And if they don’t , thinking of themselves as failures to themselves, their spouses, and the world.  I know – I’ve been there.

Some of the most profound and liberating work I have done, has been forgiving myself.    As you would have heartfelt compassion ( knowing that you would not wish this on your worst enemy)  how about shining that light of compassion on yourself.  Acknowledge that you have or are doing the best that you can do, in that moment.   That you don’t have control over the outcome.    We women, do try a lot to be ‘perfect’ at everything we do.   If the universe, source or God was looking at you now, he would see someone perfect in his eyes, with all your talents and all your flaws.  That is perfection.   Know that it is okay to be yourself as you are.  Acknowledge your sadness, your anger, and frustration, particularly when they are aimed at yourself.  Allow those emotions to surface, … and then let them pass.    Say to yourself, from your heart, that you forgive yourself –  first of all for being so hard on yourself, and secondly for having such high expectations of ourselves, and of course if you have anything else to forgive yourself for.  Spend some time nurturing yourself, and reminding yourself of the gifts you bring to this world.


Coach Louise

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