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Coping tips through the Holidays! on LBF Radio with Louise today 4pm EST.

Giving Thanks...

Giving Thanks…

Hi my dear LBF lovelies,

Today on my radio show LBF / LifeBalanceinFertility, I am discussing how we can take care of ourselves, protect ourselves and manage ourselves and interactions with family and friends during the holiday season.  It has already started here in the US, next week with Thanksgiving and then parties and outings hot up everywhere through Christmas and New Year.  Lots of social gatherings where ‘foot in mouth’ and innocent but insensitive questions or comments abound.  Lets talk about how we can manage these situations, hopefully without having to remove ourselves completely!  Afterall we also want to have fun, don’t we?!

You can tune in on www.blogtalkradio.com/KeystoClarity-Coach .  On the screen you will see a phone-in number if you would like to participate by asking a question or commenting on the topic.  I would love to talk you!    If you would like to participate in the chat room during the call (which is rather fun) register with www.blogtalkradio.com (very easy) first and then go to my profile.

Please rate the show afterwards, as this lets others walking the same path as you, know if it was worth a listen!

For those of you who can’t make it, you can go to the same link and listen to archived podcasts.  I wish you all joyful and relaxed holidays!


Coach Louise

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The Shift – A movie addressing whats really happening in the world right now!

we can all make a difference, even a tiny one...

we can all make a difference, even a tiny one…

Dear Friends –

This is an exciting time on our planet.  We have a chance to live ‘where the rubber meets the road’ and be the pioneers of a new global civilization based on consciousness, harmony, social justice and sustainability.  We might be focusing on the detail going on in our lives – fertility issues, financial issues etc, but lets stand back and look at the bigger picture for a couple of minutes.

Below is a link to a trailer for a movie being created by some powerful ‘movers and shakers’ like you and me who are paving this path of global transformation with love, energy and enthusiasm.

Enjoy the clip and if you’re inclined, add your energy and inspiration – the specific difference you have come here to make – as live out our finest intent and fulfill the promise of an evolutionary journey in human consciousness.

We’ve all come here, now, quite purposefully.  It is our time. http://www.theshiftmovie.com

lovingly yours,

Coach Louise

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Oprah’s Article: 54 reasons for saying NO.

Hi Everyone,



I just came across an article from one of Oprah’s emails on being able to empower yourself by saying No.  And I’m sure some of you already know how much of a fan I am of creating balance and reserving Energy by doing just that – saying NO.   In the article she give scripts for different scenarios, so you’ll never get stuck!  Sometimes it can get awkward!   This will make it a much smoother experience, especially for those trying to create life balance during fertility treatments.

Here is the link:


Good luck!

Coach Louise Crooks

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Thinking about getting a Coach? mmmm…

Hi Everyone!

Tea and a Chat!

Tea and a Chat!

It occurred to me that some of you are thinking how nice it would be to have a coach to partner with you on your fertility journey.  Being there for you through the rollercoaster of emotions, hormones, and results!   You are truly giving a gift to yourself and the process by taking that step.   Who knows, it could even affect your results!  Why? because you’ll feel calmer (and possibly retain your sanity), more prepared, more informed, and supported!   If you are even thinking about it, just a tinsey insey bit, then I challenge you to get in touch to see if it is indeed the right step to take in YOUR journey.   I am available on Skype, and time zone is not a problem (we’ll make a plan) !   Our initial chat is a free consultation!  You have nothing to lose, and possibly a lot to gain.   It is my passion to partner with women like you, who so often feel- overwhelmed by options, don’t know their options, a little lost or confused or isolated or stressed -going through this process.  I have been there!  What I really want for you is to have the family you have always dreamed of.   Call or email me.  Go on, I dare you. (see my contact page)  We’ll sit down for a virtual cup of tea and a chat.

Cheekily but lovingly yours,

Coach Louise Crooks

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PS  If you mention this blog post,  I will gift you 50% off the 1st 2 sessions if you decide you would like to give it try!