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Coach Louise and Coach Julie

Dear blog reader,

Coach Louise began this blog with the intention that it be a place to share stories, ask questions, get support in a safe place of understanding and compassion, as well as a source for information on the topic of infertility, miscarriage, treatments etc. I am so excited to be taking over the administration of the blog and continuing on the mission of supporting you on your unique fertility journey. If you’d like to know more about me and what I offer, please click About Julie or visit Whole Vision Coaching. I’m so glad you’re here. Most importantly, I really want you to understand that you are not alone and this part of your adventure does not define who you are.

Having experienced the frustrations of unexplained infertility personally, I recognize that the experience can be isolating when the people around you don’t necessarily understand what you are going through. It is also often the first crisis couples come up against where there is really no control over the outcome. I want to connect with you and give you as much support as possible to lead a life full of joy and balance no matter the outcome of your pursuit of parenthood. I can also help to guide you and propose different alternatives that you might not have considered yet from a purely objective point of view.

Ultimately, I can offer you a space like a comfy sofa that you can fall into to feel comforted and reassured and so much more while on this unexpectedly challenging journey.

With love,
Coach Julie

This time Coach Louise is being interviewed! She will make a guest appearance on Conscious Choices Radio Show tomorrow 4.30pm EST. Come and listen!

Join me tomorrow! Feel free to join the conversation with questions or comments.

Join me tomorrow! Feel free to join the conversation with questions or comments.

Hi Everyone,

I am honored to be invited as a guest on Conscious Choices Radio Show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ConsciousChoices , which will take place on the 12/30/08 at 4.30pm EST! (thats tomorrow)

I am being interviewed so the conversation will be lively! We will be discussing lots of different things that make our lives interesting, and how coaching is part of the quest to finding out what makes us tick and realise our potential! Who knows what the questions will be! I’m hoping a big part of our discussion will also be about setting clear intentions going into the New Year, and how we can make a conscious choice around what is most important to us to help guide us around what we want to focus on going into 2009! I am the KeystoClarity! Coach, so come and learn a little more about me, and what exciting ventures and adventures will be happening next year….next week and how they could involve you, or set you on your own path!

www.blogtalkradio.com/ConsciousChoices  is the link to listen, participate, or access the archived podcast after the show.

Warmly yours,
Coach Louise Crooks

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Invisible Illness Week and Infertility

I had to bring attention to Invisible Illness Week which is this week.  Especially when it comes women dealing with chronic illness or pain  and also having the challenge of infertility!  Infertility could also be seen as an invisible illness.  I don’t like it being referred to as a ‘disease’  which kind of makes me feel a victim, or being broken, or something you can catch…  Anyhow the combination of pain or illness and fertility is a really big challenge.  I know what this is like because of being a migraineur (cluster headaches/occular migraines) and I am sure that the physical and emotional stress of that together with trying to creating a life can have a huge effect. It probably also has a lot to do with why I haven’t been successful yet on the road to creating a family through treatments.   So I really want to support those of you out there who have this double condition, and know that you are not alone.


Coach Louise Crooks

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Louise’ Journey – Philosophical thoughts…

I wrote this on someone’s blog today, and thought well, this would be a great post on my own blog….

Coach Louise

Coach Louise

In answer to Sharon’s blog – about her inspiring message and determination….

It is something I realised through my journey is that infertility or having a baby doesn’t define who I am.  Letting go of the outcome of a successful IVF/IUI treatment was one of the hardest lessons – but once the realisation came, it was one of relief.  I realised I wasn’t the one in control –  ( determination-here I come) that giving that totally over to whomever, God, the Universe, Grace – and just letting what will be, be.  That took me a while, and of course is something I do have to remind myself of.   My miscarriage was heartbreaking.  But I have allowed myself to grieve, and not know why…   I have subsequently learned about the possibility that we choose to come to earth having decided which lessons we need to learn, and that my baby came purely for that few weeks for a reason.  What is my learning….still working on that one… but it gives me more compassion, understanding and love for those who walk in my shoes – part of the reason why I now coach women on this journey….  Sterkte (strength for non South Africans) , to you Sharon, you are an inspiration.  We are all whole, beautiful and loved, and how we show up in life – we certainly have a choice in that – is all that matters.

with love and conviction,
Coach Louise Crooks

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Tired! Fatigued! Interview with Christine Clifton

Hi Everybody!

Well serendipity strikes!   I was reading through my last post, and surprised myself, when I realised that I had set up the next radio show today, on the very topic I mentioned before – managing energy – with Christine Clifton!  She and I had a wonderful afternoon getting to know one another as fellow coaches, and I asked her if she would like to be interviewed about this particular subject!  Fatigue, and feeling sluggish are symptoms women in fertility treatments face, as well as individuals suffering from chronic conditions or pain, which is the area Christine coaches – so we agreed this would be great topic to discuss on KTC Radio.  The interview will take place at 4pm EST  on the 2nd of September.   Click on the link on the side of the page, to take you there – either to listen live, or to download the archived podcast of the show after that date.  I am sure it will be very interesting and powerful for those in this unique position.  So often we can feel misunderstood and alone because of the isolation these conditions can cause, so knowing there are people like us out there to talk to, who understand  what you are going through can be very helpful.   I would love any comments on this post, and feel free to phone in with questions on the show, or post them here, and I will do my best to address any that come up, on the show!   Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

love, light and ‘energy’


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Christine’s Power Circle

My friend Christine Clifton – a coach, coaching individuals with chronic fatigue and pain,  invited me to be her client on her new Power Circle yesterday.  It was an interesting experience, and as the title says Powerful.  Some of you might know that I get cluster headaches or occular migraines, so she was able to coach me on managing my energy.  It was a great reminder that coaches need coaches!  I found it very helpful, and I was glad to help Christine with her first meeting.    i had a shift on the pattern of energy I have created through overstimulation and through experience when having migraines, which has translated to when I don’t!!   Very interesting.   I have now set some action steps to support myself in managing my energy –   to finish working at 5pm, and to read my books in the evening as a relaxing activity.   I can keep working until very late, so this is great.    Managing energy is a great topic for women facing infertility challenges, and going through the IVF treatments etc.   I will use this as a topic for my radio show!  Keep your eyes peeled!  www.blogtalkradio.com/KeystoClarity-coach

Coaching question for today:  What are you doing to manage your energy?

I appreciate your comments and questions!

love, peace and prosperity,

Coach Louise Crooks

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